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Shocking Temple Movie !

A temple that will bring a smile to your face Nichiren Sect Hokke Dojo Kouinzan Honkouji

We cannot choose the day of our birth. We cannot stop ourselves from aging. It is not within our power to cure sickness as we please. We cannot choose the date or time of our own death. Likewise, we have no control over the beating of our own heart. It may seem that we live our life according to our own decisions, but in actuality the path we have walked until now has been paved by fate. In a sense, it's not that you are “living”, but rather, you are “given life”. Be thankful for the gift of life passed down from your ancestors and parents, be grateful every day for being alive. Always be thankful for everything that you have.

There are many people who have been educated that “don't cause trouble for other people”. Furthermore, the excuse, “It doesn't affect anyone else, so it's OK”, can often be heard. But really/In reality, is there anyone who doesn’t trouble others in some way? To what extent should we care about not bothering others? Isn't the most important thing to sincerely apologize by saying “I'm sorry” when you have caused concern for anyone? Even if you commit a major crime, if you confess your sin can be absolved, but if you do not confess to even your smallest crimes nothing will be forgiven. Whatever happens, be a person unafraid to ask for forgiveness. Always remember the words “I’m sorry”.

As long as you don’t’ forget to be grateful and ask for forgiveness, your life will surely become more enriched day by day and you will continue down the right path.

Honkouji is a Nichiren sect, traditional Buddhist temple, located in Ichikawa, Chiba prefecture with a 650 year history and it’s head temple, Kuonji, is located on Mt. Minobu. The fundamental message behind my missionary work is “As a living person, your prayers are important, as is praying for the souls of the dead”. Through Honkouji's Hokke Dojo, I wish to save as many of those in need as I can.

Honkouji is a sanctuary for those in need, to find relief. Please sacrifice your injured hearts to Buddha. Through Buddha, Nichiren, Lotus Sutra and the benefit of mantra your broken heart shall be healed, and you will receive vitality and courage. Honkouji is a holy place where you can become healthy.

In June of 2010, Honkouji uploaded a PR video to YouTube and Niconico.
“Why did you make a video?”
1. We wanted to grab the attention of children and other young people who don't know about Buddha and have not been to the temple.
2. We wanted to disprove the notion that our temple is “a place of sadness”, only meant for funerals and Buddhist memorial services.
3. We wanted the temple to be known as a “communal area” that can be used by anyone.

“Who made it?”
Funny Movie Inc. Did the video, music, and song while Capsule Core City Inc. Directed it. In June of 2008, the Honkouji homepage was created.

“And lastly, a message to you!”
I would like to say thank you to all our viewers from the bottom of my heart. Our temple is a public area. We monks are on the same level of existence as everyone else. We want it to be known that our temple and its monks do not hold sacred positions, but rather are as human as the rest of the world. The message we want to express is: “When coming to our temple, we want you to go back home with a smile”.

With the distribution of our video, we have received a rash of inquiries from many people. Since answering so many individual questions made it difficult to maintain the consistency of the message we wanted to convey, this description is meant to answer those questions. We ask that you honor us with your understanding.

Gassho Koumei Bitou Chief priest of Honkouji Kouinzan Hokke Dojo Nichiren Sect